Honed concrete, preparing concrete for a hone and seal.

Posted by Jason Mustukas on 17-Jun-2017 09:50:57

Honed concrete, how to hone and seal concrete.

  • How to protect new natural stone pool coping from the concrete pour.
  • What type of concrete mix, finishing requirements the contractor needs.
  • Pouring, placing and finishing concrete ready for honing.
  • Grinding the concrete, diamond grit size to use.
  • Care required around the new natural stone pool coping. 
  • Using Pro Seal 896 to help curing and protect from stains until you grind.

Pre-sealing the natural stone coping tiles helps prevent staining and marking during the placement and finishing of the concrete.

Concrete cement colours and aggregate sizes and types will vary. As a rule request a higher strength mix, usually 32 Mpa. Ask your concreter to be careful edging pressure and screed mark depressions, the concrete needs to be flat. All sections need to fall in one plane, strip grates are better than small round grates. My personal finish is with a rotary trowel to compact the fines reducing small air voids. All of these things will effect the finish and how much grinding will be required for an even exposure of stone.

Always use a good grinding contractor with good machinery with at least 5 years grinding experience. They should be using metal bond diamonds and cut the finish at less than 100grit around an outdoor areas for non slip purposes. Check building codes always for outdoor area requirements. In this case we finished at 30grit because this will be around a pool, external wet areas can be hazardous for running and slipping.

We applied Pro Seal 896 to the coping tiles in the first video and now to protect concrete from stains prior to honing. This also helps cure the concrete better, before the grinding process 1 week later. Watch the video below and feel free to add comments...

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Sealing Natural Stone, Craig's Outdoor Renovations

Posted by Jason Mustukas on 14-Jun-2017 13:57:24

WBS is putting together some simple 'How To' videos showing where and when you should be sealing decorative concrete on a typical outdoor renovation.

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End of Financial Year SPECIAL

Posted by Jason Mustukas on 05-Jun-2017 11:58:06

Check out the Commercial Spray Unit  EOFY Special.

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Water Based Concrete Sealers vs Solvent Based Concrete Sealers

Posted by James Vander Ros on 27-May-2017 08:49:38

One common misconception we come across is that people believe solvent based concrete sealer products are inherently superior in some way or another to water based concrete sealers. When I ask people why they believe this is the case I get all kinds of responses ranging from "...everybody knows that!" to "won't waterbased ones get washed away when it rains?". One of my favourites is "because a wise old man (grandfather / uncle / old guy down the street) told me so".

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Sealing Natural Stone Pool Coping, with WBS Pro Seal 896

Posted by Jason Mustukas on 18-May-2017 06:32:31

Sealing natural stone protection for pool area renovations. Renovating your pool area, consists of a few different procedures. If you are concreting up to a new natural stone tile pool surround, make sure you seal the natural stone tiles before the concreters go hard and lay the surrounding concrete.

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Sealing New Exposed Aggregate Pro Seal 896- why I changed to WBS

Posted by Jason Mustukas on 16-May-2017 05:39:35

Concrete Contractor Explains Reasons Why WBS Pro Seal 896 works for him

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Water Based Sealers Blog on Pro Seal 896 - ALL NEW Concrete Driveway Sealing

Posted by Jason Mustukas on 07-Apr-2017 10:01:16


Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveway Sealing with WBS Pro Seal 896 :

Old School v Pro Seal 896

Old School - There are lots of issues & stresses when sealing concrete with toxic, smelly, old school xylene based products, let alone sealing concrete of newly laid slabs, carparks, driveways & pathways.

  • Moisture content or wet surface
  • has the concrete cured properly before applying
  • Is the driveway or path clean, free of dust and dry
  • Is it going to rain

For years now the same systems & products were very difficult when moisture is involved, concrete had to be clean, dry and cured, before any sealing could take place. Old habits die hard with tradespeople & builders. Pro Seal 896 might be a few cents higher per m2, but the labour cost savings will smash that out of thw park.

Pro Seal 896 - Finally, WBS after 10 years of development behind the scenes, WBS Pro Seal 896 has eliminated

  • toxic processes & products
  • time wasted returning to incomplete jobs
  • acid washing for exposed aggregate
  • the need to use of aliphatic alchohol 

Pro Seal 896 loves water, and harnesses the 'power of water' to it's advantage.

This blog will be used to demonstate that one product can cover many concrete sealing applications from sealing concrete, resurfacing driveways and colour textured decorative concrete. 

Lets not forget your health, stop exposing people to hazardous substances.

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Coming Soon

On the Job - Certified Applicator Training

WBS is committed to training on the effective uses for Pro Seal 896 and other products we have in our range. Becoming certified is re assurance for the customer, all work is being completed as per WBS protocol.


  • Pro Seal 896 is unique in every way
  • Water based Sealers on a whole new level
  • Stay tuned for more

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